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National Intangible Cultural Heritage - Xinjiang Dough Figurine
Issue time:2021-09-13

Known as "flowers buns", Xinjiang dough figurine is a popular folk art in Xinjiang County in Shanxi Province. As early as the Song Dynasty, local people began to use dough figurines to replace victims such as pigs and sheep when offering sacrifices. Then this method was settled into custom in the area of Xinjiang County. Every season, people would not only use simulated animals, fruits, flowers and other image of the dough figurines to worship the gods, but also use them as gifts exchanged among people. In this situation, Xinjiang dough figurine technology gradually developed maturely. Xinjiang dough figurine works are extremely rich in content and form including more than 60 varieties. Restricted by the softness of the dough and the state of fermentation, the shape of Xinjiang dough figurine is extremely concise and general, not realistic but spiritual.